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Prolog is implemented both by individuals and organizations. Some of these implementations are open source, usually released under a General Public License, and some are commercial. What follows is a non-exhaustive list of Prolog implementations currently available, with our evaluation ratings.

AI::Prolog [Perl] (open source)
Allegro Prolog (commercial)
ALS Prolog (commercial)
Amzi! Prolog (MIT/commercial)
Arity Prolog (commercial)
B-Prolog (commercial)
Bin Prolog (commercial)
Brain Aid Prolog (open source)
C#Prolog (LGPLv3)
Ciao Prolog (open source/GPL)
CxProlog (open source)
DGKS Prolog (open source)
DOS-Prolog (shareware)
ECLiPSe Prolog (open source/MPL)
EZY Prolog Suite (open source/MPL)
GNU Prolog (open source/GPL)
hProlog (n/a)
Jekejeke Prolog (dist. eval.)
Jinni Prolog (commercial)
JIProlog (AGPL/commercial)
JLog - Prolog in Java (GPL)
Kernel Prolog (open source/GPL)
Language::Prolog::Yaswi [Perl] (open source)
LPA Prolog (commercial)
Minerva Prolog (commercial)
NanoProlog (open source)
Open Prolog (open source)
PDC Prolog (commercial)
Poplog Prolog (MIT/XFree86)
Prolog+CG (open source/LGPL)
Quintus Prolog (commercial)
Rebol Prolog (commercial)
SICStus Prolog (open source)
Strawberry Prolog (commercial)
SWI-Prolog (open source/LGPL)
Trinc Prolog (commercial)
tuProlog (open source/LGPL)
W-Prolog (open source)
WIN Prolog (commercial)
X-Prolog (open source)
YAP Prolog (Perls's Artistic license)
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